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The branded insurance

Opel Branded Insurance the best way to protect your vehicle.

At Opel we know that you want top quality comprehensive insurance cover that matches the quality of your Opel. An insurance policy which guarantees that, should you have an accident, your cart will be repaired by Opel trained technicians using Opel Genuine Parts at an Opel Approved Repairer.

Opel Branded Insurance

Opel insurance assists you in the event of having an accident. It is the easy way to ensure that your vehicle new or used is repaired at an Opel Authorised Repairer of YOUR choice with the approval of the insurance company.

In the unfortunate event of being involved in an accident there is no one better placed than your Opel authorized repairer to take care of your vehicle and your needs. With Opel Insurance your car will be repaired at one of our Opel body shops ensuring that you receive all the associated benefits such as dedicated claims handling, courtesy services, repair quality and minimum inconvenience.

Ask your local Opel authorized repairer about our fantastic offers.

Your Opel Insurance provides you and your car with the following:


  • Guaranteed use of Genuine Opel Parts in all repair work
  • Guaranteed protection of your car’s 3 year warranty
  • Guaranteed protection of your car’s corrosion protection warranty (10/12 years)
  • Guaranteed use of your Opel authorized repairer’s Body Shop in the event of an accident
  • Peace of Mind Motoring in the knowledge that your Opel authorized repairer will provide the necessary services should you be involved in an accident


Call in for a free quotation with no obligation for you. It’s part of your Opel Authorized Repairer’s service …

… and please always remember: drive safely!