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WLTP Driving Cycle

The WLTP driving cycle consists of several phases, which are based on everyday driving profiles of motorists from around the world. While the current NEDC determines "urban, extra-urban and combined" values are based on of a theoretical driving profile, the WLTP uses "real" driving profiles drawn from a global statistical survey. The WLTP driving cycle is divided into four parts with different average speeds: low, medium, high and extra high. Each part contains a variety of driving phases, stops, acceleration and braking phases, etc. that represent everyday driving profiles. Each engine/transmission combination is tested with the most economical as well as the most fuel-intensive vehicle equipment. Starting with the Astra, Opel will test each and every model. The published values define a range from the lowest to the highest consumption for each engine/transmission combination. This gives a good indication of the expected daily consumption of each model. Please note: The values based on the WLTP driving cycle are determined using a standardized, predefined drive cycle on a test rig. EN SAVOIR PLUS MASQUER