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Tyre Offer

Tyre offer.

The Opel Tyre Offer includes:


  • Assessment of your winter tyres ­
  • Tyre change
  • ­ Tyre pressure check & adjustment
  • Storage of your off-season tyres


Use our special Opel Tyre Offer for only € XX,XX

Gear up for the road

Let us relieve you of the hassle of changing tyres & tyre storage.

Tyres are a critical component of your vehicle - they affect the road grip and braking performance on snowy and icy roads. When temperatures drop, we highly recommend a professional tyre change at Opel to ensure maximum control and safety on the road.

Your off-season tyres are welcome at your Opel tyre hotel. We have adequate space and store your tyres under optimal conditions. Moreover, you don't have to transport your tyres to the service center every time you need to change them. We will make sure they are prepared for your next tyre change as soon as the temperatures change.

If the Opel tyre assessment shows that you need new tyres, we will assist you in finding the right tyres to suit your driving needs the best.